Mighty Mike Fitness and CoachingI was an athlete growing up (playing baseball, soccer and gymnastics) and always stayed lean and in good shape. I was an Army Engineer Officer and led from the front in PT training and testing. I was a fairly competitive runner in and after college and ran 5Ks to half- and full marathons. Even a sub 7-min half-marathon!

Then I got married and had kids,  and let’s be honest…I got a bit chunky. I prefer to say stocky.

Four years ago after not having any success losing weight and getting into shape running and doing all kinds of cardio, I hired a nutritionist and began weight training. This is when I started seeing results and really changing my physique! Resistance training is key, and your nutrition has to be dialed in. You will never be able to out-train a bad diet!

Fast forward...

Last year, I competed in the Branch Warren Classic and won 1st place in the Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding category, and in June 2018, I was selected as a local finalist in the Gold’s Gym 90-day Challenge.

I also hold a certified personal trainer certificate from the National Personal Training Association. Nothing makes me happier than to see clients succeed and excel!

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