My coaching is all about helping you meet your fitness goals…
and to have a little fun in the process.

I am a firm believer in balance and am committed to assisting you with developing a personalized plan that is sustainable to your needs. My primary role as a coach is to develop a training plan and guide clients through appropriate exercises and personalized nutrition plans all while staying healthy and safe along your journey. With my coaching, you will not only receive a detailed training schedule, but also a customized nutrition plan, a food list of do’s and don’ts, and meal prep ideas and shortcuts to help you reach your goals as effectively as possible.

Choose Your Path

60 Day Coaching - Mighty Mike Fitness and Coaching

100% virtual, individualized personal coaching to help you reach your fitness goals and objectives.


  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Detailed Training Plan
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • And of course, a bit of motivation and accountability along the journey


"Mike’s insight and experience into what it takes to not only transform your body, but how to make those changes a part of a sustainable lifestyle have been invaluable. His guidance with both training and nutrition have helped me get closer to my goals than I could have on my own." 

Scott- Baton Rouge, LA

One on One Training - Mighty Mike Fitness and Coaching

Want to meet in person in the Kingwood (Houston, Texas) area and train? Get one-on-one personal training and zone in on your target focus.

Choose your poison:

  • Proper Form & Technique Checkup
  • Learn New Exercises
  • Discover Lifting Tricks & Tips for Muscle-Mind Connection
  • Get Advice on Progressive Overload
  • Or Simply use as a Motivation Tool

45 Minute Session: $50

4-Pack: $175

Monthly Split Download - Mighty Mike Fitness and Coaching

I change my workout split every month to help with muscle confusion and to ensure that my body is not getting too comfortable with what we are doing. Grab this quick and easy download to see how I am training month to month.

Complete With:

  • Daily Targeted Muscle Groups
  • Exact Exercises and Number of Reps/Sets

$10 Per Month

"Mike is an outstanding master of his craft with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. He was able to motivate me and get me on track with my fitness goals after having my second child. He was supportive and inspiring. I will forever be grateful to him for putting me on the right path. He’s the kind of coach you definitely want in your corner. "

Stephanie- Gloucester Point, VA

Mighty Mike Fitness and Coaching | Grab 2 of my workouts!


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