Which Training Split is Best for Me? 3 Day vs. 5 Day Splits

Which Training Split is Best for Me?

Is a 3 day a week or a 5 day a week training schedule better?

My honest opinion? It does not matter! The most important thing by far is committing to fitness and doing “something,” having a plan, and then sticking to that plan and getting your training in consistently.

And of course, it depends on your goals, schedule and recovery time needed. Here are a few benefits, things to consider and times where a 3 day plan or 5 day plan would best fit your goal.

3 Day Split:

  • Great starting point for beginners
  • Commonly a push, pull and leg day Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Can promote strength gains and lean mass increases
  • Requires less time in a given week

5 Day Split:

  • Targets individual muscle groups
  • Commonly a chest, back, legs, arms and shoulder day
  • Can help improve body composition by increase in frequency and weekly calories burned
  • Spend more time (increase volume) on individual or weaker areas/muscle groups

Final Thoughts
Of course, there are many other benefits with each of these training schedules, but I wanted to highlight a few of the main ones. Both of these schedules can be very beneficial when programmed correctly. They key is in programming and consistency of both of these splits. I think that more important than frequency of training is consistency!

My prep coach for my bodybuilding show last year said something that really stuck with me: “Don’t think of your gym sessions or exercises as working out. They are training sessions.”

We are always training for something, even if it’s just to become a better you. So no matter what spilt you decide to do, have a plan that is well-programmed, be consistent and train hard!

-Mighty Mike Out

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